MASER Engineering is working together with many companies via our customers. With our partners we maintain a good relationship and are working close together to make our customers projects a success.



 Salland Engineering

Salland Engineering is an international leading Test Technology & Engineering company specialized in solutions & services that enable semiconductor manufacturers to improve the efficiency and quality of their testing. Salland Engineering is in business since 1992, headquartered in Zwolle, the Netherlands, and operates worldwide. 




Aptasic as a test house offers turnkey solutions to efficiently handle the ASIC supply chain. We supply wafers from world wide state of the art foundries. We probe the wafers and handle the back-end processes up to the delivery of good packaged ICs. Our services are supported by modern and flexible equipments.
Located in Boudry, Neuchatel (Switzerland), existing since 1979 (under CSEE brand) Aptasic is ISO 9001:2008 certified since 2006 and ISO13485:2012 since 2015.




Packaging solutions for MEMS: Sencio creates robust, high quality packaging for your MEMS devices that enables optimum electrical and mechanical performance.