Female scholars visit MASER

04 October 2012

In the afternoon of Thursday, October 4th, a group of 41 female scholars aged 15 to 18 visited MASER Engineering, to have a look around in our laboratories and see what kind of tasks our female engineers are doing in their daily work. This company excursion was part of a three day camp (the “Techniekmeidenkamp 2012”), organized by the Twente Academy of the University of Twente in Enschede. Aim of the camp and company visits is to introduce the job possibilities of female technical experts after finishing a technical study.

Group picture in front of MASER

During their visit at MASER, the young women were toured around our facilities in small groups and performed a drop test on a mobile phone, fired an ESD gun on a TL tube and calculated the resistance of various resistors in our Reliability Test department. In our Physical Analysis department, two different smartphones were X-rayed, the eyes of an insect were inspected with an electron microscope, cross-sections of chips were prepared and funny die markings were optically examined.

Welcome and introduction by Kees Revenberg   Preparations for tour

Tour through our laboratory   Inspecting the eyes of an insect with SEM

More photos can be found here.

More information on the female technical camp or “Techniekmeidenkamp” of the Twente Academy can be found here.