International MicroNanoConference 2016

21 May 2016

The international MicroNanoConference’16 Amsterdam, 13 – 14 December 2016, has a solid track record in bringing together the elements of the value chain. The active involvement of industry, science and user community of microsystems and nanotechnology is the hallmark of this conference.

Academia and industry, researchers, engineers and policymakers discuss the latest developments. The conference spans basic research, engineering science, technology, equipment and instrumentation. Industrial applications, impact on society and business define the context.

Business development in high tech start-ups and value creation for growth in medium sized and large companies will be addressed.

Key Elements:

  • An extensive program of high-level lectures in plenary and parallel sessions

  • Private company sponsored workshops

  • Exposition and network area for private companies presenting their technology

  • Demo / poster session area for mix of commercial and non-commercial hands-on demo’s and posters explaining new developments in Microsystems and Nanotechnology

Program Committee 2016
Anna Salvati – Groningen University
Joost Lotters – Bronkhorst / University Twente
René Heideman – LioniX
Bart Verbeek – PhotonicsNL
Kees Groeneveld – FHI / MinacNed
Rolf de Boer - Smartec
Christine Neuy –  “Spitzencluster“ MicroTEC Südwest
Kees Revenberg – MASER Engineering
Ronald Zengerlee – Imtek
Han Gardeniers – TU Twente
Liza Rassaei – Delft University
Sabeth Verpoorte – Groningen University
Han Zuilhof – Wageningen University
Menno Prins – Eindhoven University
Thomas Dietrich – IVAM
Herman Blok – Micronit
Paddy French – Delft University
Ton van Leeuwen – Academic Medical Center Amsterdam
Herman Wijshoff – Océ Technologies
Patrick Tabeling – ESPCI, France
Urs Staufel – Delft University
Janny van den Eijnden – hDMT
Peter Hewkin – Microfluidic Consortium
Volker Hessel – Eindhoven University
Jens Ducree – Dublin City University
Peter Munk – COAST
Willem Vos – Twente University

Call for abstracts International MicroNanoConference ’16 Amsterdam, 13 – 14 December 2016

The international MicroNanoConference has an established track record in bringing together the value chain of the different micro and nano fields of endeavour. The active involvement of the industry, science and user community of microsystems and nanotechnology is the hallmark of this conference and exhibition. Representatives from academia and industry – researchers, engineers, technology scouts and business developers – meet here annually and discuss the latest developments in these rapidly evolving fields. As in preceding years, this year’s topics span basic research, engineering science, technology, equipment, and instrumentation, in the context of industrial applications and their impact on society and business.

We encourage you to submit a presentation focussing on the main topics of the conference and exhibition:

Microfluidics, photonics & nanoinstrumentation

These topics will be addressed in a number of dedicated sessions, including  lab-on-a-chip, organ-on-a-chip, biosensing & optofluidics, nanophotonics, integrated photonics, nanomedicine, nanoprocessing & flow chemistry, bubbles & droplets, 3D micronano fabrication, surface technology, nanometrology & -characterization, functional- & nanomaterials.

Contributions should address system integration, upscaling, industrialization and/or application development.

Invited and contributed oral presentations will be grouped in parallel sessions and complemented with poster presentations, and hands-on-workshops. All lectures and poster presentations will be in English. Abstracts should not exceed 1 A4 page with a maximum of 300 words.

Please submit all abstracts electronically via the conference website:


Criteria for selection of abstracts for the International MicroNanoConference 2016 are:

  • The subject is in line with the scope of the conference and describes new results or new views on micro & nanotechnologies, applications and markets.
  • The abstract clearly states the motivation, objective, innovation and implementation of the research.
  • The results and conclusions are sound and clearly presented.
  • The contribution must be understandable to more than just a small group of specialists.

The Program Committee strives for a content-based conference program of interest to both academics and industrialists. Please note that presentations of a commercial nature or with no link to practical applications will not be accepted. We have attractive booth, workshop and sponsorship packages. Please check our website for the conditions.

Deadline call for abstracts: 1 June 2016
Notification of acceptance: 1 August 2016

Program Committee Secretary: Henne van Heeren, Email:

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