LED components and system test and analysis service

19 November 2013

MASER Engineering B.V. has a test and analysis flow installed for LED components and systems.

MASER can support customers in the following area's:

  • LED parameters
  • Characterisation of LED
  • Construction analysis of LED
  • Failure analysis of LED

With the MAS40 Mini Array Spectrometer the following parameters can be analysed:

  • LED parameters
  • Light intensity (lumen)
  • Wave lenght (peak)
  • Light distribution
  • Color temperature (CCT)
  • Color rendering (CRI)
  • Efficiency

Also can MASER support LED component manufacturers and users of LEDs with the assement of LED Reliability Test Strategy including the following items:

  • Lumen maintenance
  • Optical characterization
  • Thermal management
  • Environmental Test
  • Mechanical robustness / vibration
  • ESD
  • Failure Analysis
  • Standards / Standardisation

For the basic Construction Analysis the following items can be assessed:

  • Optical inspection
  • Cross sectioning
  • Delamination quality
  • Wirebonding quality
  • Die attach quality
  • Material analysis

Included in the Failure Analysis are:

  • Electrical/optical verification
  • Optical/SEM inspection
  • EMMI analysis
  • Lock-In Thermography analysis
  • Hot spot and static temperature measurements

For overall LED System test and analysis MASER Engineering can support customers with:

  • LED system analysis
  • From LED to application
  • Overall construction assessment
  • Reliability test plan
  • Failure analysis

MASER Engineering is offering complete test and analysis service for LED components and LED systems.

LED measurement 2013-1 front.jpg

See also our LED test service leafletfor more information or contact Mr. Wilhelm Niessen (Reliability Department Manager) or Mr. Mark Gortemaker (Sales Manager).