MASER Engineering Award winner EuroAsia Award 2010

11 October 2010

MASER Engineering is the EuroAsia Award 2010 winner of the Fab Management Award for Circuit Edit service for sub-100nm IC technology designs. The award was presented on October 20 at the Semicon in Dresden, Germany to Mr. Kees Revenberg, Managing Director. 

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Circuit Edit service for sub-100nm IC technology designs
Prior to the start of full production of ICs, they have to demonstrate reliability at all levels. MASER Engineering offers extensive qualification procedures and is experienced in and equipped for nearly all electronic qualification procedures according to international standards and many customer-based procedures.

MASER Engineering, founded in 1993, is an independent engineering service company operating in the semiconductor and electronic systems industry. Reliability Test and Diagnostic services are offered to a wide range of customers that are active as Fabless Semiconductor or Integrated Device Manufacturers, automotive electronics supplier or in Aerospace and Space applications.

MASER Engineering offers Circuit Edit service for sub-100nm IC technology designs. The new OptiFIB-IV system has led to MASER receiving the FAB Management Award in the IC Industry Awards. The system has unique features designed to support fabless IC manufacturers. The OptiFIB-IV has a coaxial NIR/FIB column for life imaging during the front- or backside circuit edit process, a CAD driven piezo motor stage, unique copper etching chemistry with two motorized gas nozzles and advanced image processing end point detection.
MASER Engineering is the first independent service provider world-wide providing DCG’s OptiFIB-IV system capabilities. The sub-100nm IC technology introduces a range of solutions to the existing Circuit Edit systems. Manufacturers of sub-100nm IC face new challenges such as multilevel CMP copper metal layers, fine line pitch and navigation complexity, all of which require new tools and techniques to ensure the highest outcomes for fabless companies in their manufacturing processes.
Advanced circuit edit capability with edit throughput and success rates significantly reduce time-to-market and time-to-yield for semiconductor devices. Simultaneous imaging and ion editing are provided by the OptiFIB’s unique coaxial ion-photon column, thus providing actual real-time verification of edit end-pointing. The coaxial ion and photon optics enable you to see through silicon or passivation, allowing precise and accurate alignment of the FIB and CAD layout.

The OptiFIB-IV offers best copper edit chemistry solution in the industry. The challenge of copper edit becomes a predictable routine operation when using the OptiFIB-IV. Sophisticated and well-proven edit recipes take the guesswork out of dealing with uneven etching of copper grain structures. OptiFIB has the only true copper etch chemistry in the circuit edit business.
Fabless IC manufacturers benefit from the availability of this service because they can avoid very expensive and time consuming mask iterations on sub-100nm designs without the investment in an advanced circuit edit tool and the operating knowhow.


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