MASER Engineering Award winner EuroAsia Award 2009

13 January 2010

The EuroAsia Fab Management Award 2009 was presented to Mr. Kees Revenberg, Managing Director of MASER Engineering B.V. by David Ridsdale, Editor in Chief of EuroAsia Semiconductor on October 7th at SEMICON Europa 2009 in Dresden Germany.


MASER Engineering has received the award for its recognised innovation and rewarding motivation for the Fast board level interconnect test service.

Modern Chip Scale and Ball Grid array packages are the most common package style for Integrated Circuits in consumer handheld equipment. The introduction of lead-free solder interconnects have resulted in a change in the contact reliability. The long history of leaded interconnects had to be replaced by new models of the failure mechanism and test data.

The first test results were also used to adjust the metallurgical properties and the assembly process. To have fast feedback, new test methods have been developed too. In addition to the conventional stress test, based on slow and fast temperature cycling tests, new techniques and systems were introduced for even faster accelerated stress tests.


The IC Industry Awards are a recognised platform that allows the semiconductor industry to judge and make their voices heard about the people and products and practises serving this industry.

The Awards focus on the people, processes and products that drive the industry forward. Technical expertise alone will not ensure a successful company so EuroAsia has created the IC Industry Awards to recognise the vital individuals and companies that enable a company to achieve success in a competitive global market.

"EuroAsia Semiconductor is proud of the EuroAsia IC Industry Awards and the extraordinary response from the microelectronics’ industry in the last 4 years," said David Ridsdale, Editor in Chief. “We feel strongly about acknowledging the technological achievements of the industry and these categories and products represent key areas of innovation in the chip manufacturing process. The IC Industry Awards remind us what is good about the microelectronic industry - the people who drive it with their technical expertise and customer orientated perspectives.”