MASER Engineering B.V. participates in DAISY project

06 January 2012

We are proud to announce the regional DAISY research project has started officially on January 1st, 2012. MASER Engineering B.V., represented by Kees Revenberg (Managing Director), is participating in this program to work on solutions for tomorrow’s technologies.

In the DAISY project, an acronym for Daring Application & Innovations in Sensor Systems”, a consortium of 13 Dutch companies and knowledge institutions will work on high-level sensor technology for mass applications. Under supervision of Thales Netherlands, a radar module will be developed that can be applied for diverse purposes in various areas.
For example, the new developed radar products can be used as coast- or harbor protection, or infrastructure security. Medical applications, like automatic measuring the behavior of people or animals for statistical or psychological purposes, are possible applications of the technology as well. The agro-food sector is participating in the consortium too, as the growth of crops can benefit from the availability of more detailed rainfall data.

Within the DAISY project, MASER Engineering B.V. will study the reliability aspects of the developed technology, including the accelerated life test setup, ESD handling requirements and package/device failure analysis. The results of this research project will contribute to the prime position of MASER Engineering B.V. as an independent engineering support center.

The consortium consists of a well-balanced mix of multinationals (Thales and NXP), small-medium enterprises (Salland Engineering, Sencio, Radio Semiconductors, Noldus IT, FutureWater, TeraOptronics, AgriTechnics and MASER Engineering) and knowledge institutions and universities (TNO, Wageningen University and Twente University). All consortia partners are established in the eastern part of The Netherlands (i.e. in the Gelderland and Overijssel provinces). The project is scheduled to run for 3 years.
The DAISY project is funded for more than 2.4 million euros by an EFRO-subsidy (a European Funds for Regional Development), the provinces Gelderland and Overijssel, the Twente region and the national government. The participating partners contribute 2.4 million euros themselves as well.


For more information, please contact Mr. Kees Revenberg.
The original press release (in Dutch) from the Gelderland province can be found here.