MASER Engineering begins operation of advanced decapsulation technology

13 September 2016

MASER Engineering and JIACO Instruments are pleased to announce that the JIACO Instruments Microwave Induced Plasma (MIP) decapsulation system is operational and released by MASER Engineering, located in Enschede, The Netherlands. MASER Engineering, with more than 25 years of experience in IC FA, supported JIACO Instruments in the development and beta site testing of the MIP system.

JIACO Instruments MIP decapsulation system is a breakthrough innovation: Automated atmospheric pressure Microwave-Induced-Plasma (MIP) decapsulation utilising O2-only recipes. The system has been proven for Cu, PdCu, Au, Ag bond wires and for advanced package types like 3D, SiP, WLCSP, high Tg, Chip on Board, BOAC; all without process induced damage for reliable failure analysis and quality control.

Prof. Dr. Kees Beenakker, developer of the MIP technology, Dr. Jiaqi Tang, CEO of JIACO Instruments and Mr, Kees Revenberg, Managing Director of MASER Engineering officially released the MIP system at MASER Engineering on September 12, 2016.

“Together with MASER Engineering and our mechatronics partner we have successfully developed an advanced decapsulation process to handle the most advanced IC packages  for the semiconductor market”, Dr. Jiaqi Tang, CEO of JIACO Instruments commented.  “MASER Engineering supported JIACO Instruments during the development of the first prototype with almost 25 year of experience in IC failure analysis. We are pleased with the co-development process and the performance of the MIP system”, Kees Revenberg Managing Director of MASER Engineering acknowledged.

MASER Engineering can support customers to perform MIP decapsulation of standard packages and perform decapsulation trails in case of new type of packages (e.g. new type of moulding compounds).

Please find here the document.

About MASER Engineering:
MASER Engineering, founded in 1993 and managed by Hans Kemper and Kees Revenberg, is an independent engineering service company operating in the semiconductor and electronic systems industry, located in Enschede, The Netherlands. Reliability Test and Diagnostic services are offered to a wide range of customers that are active as Fabless Semiconductor or Integrated Device Manufacturers, automotive electronics supplier or in Aerospace and Space applications.
Telephone: +31 53 480 2680

About JIACO Instruments:
JIACO Instruments began in 2014 to commercialize the Microwave Induced Plasma (MIP) system developed from 2009 to 2014 at Delft Institute of Microsystems and Nanoelectronics (DIMES), Delft University of Technology. The Microwave Induced Plasma (MIP) technology was developed by Prof. Dr. Kees Beenakker. MIP decapsulation has been further developed by Dr. Jiaqi Tang during his PhD research at Delft University of Technology in collaboration with leading global semiconductor companies with a focus on copper wire bonded semiconductor package decapsulation application. 
Telephone: +316 2526 1648