MICL appointed as representative in Israel

01 February 2011

MASER Engineering has appointed MICL as her representative in Israel per January 1st, 2011. The important high-tech market in Israel fits well to our portfolio of the advanced engineering service for micro-electronics industry. With major players like INTEL, Freescale, Marvell, Sandisk, Micron, Tower Semiconductor and many more, the semiconductor industry in Israel plays an important role in the worldwide micro-electronics business.

Kees Revenberg: “I have great confidence in the capability and engineering skills of MICL to support MASER Engineering expanding her activities in Israel. Their business attitude and contacts with the IDM, Fabless Semiconductor and OEM companies in Israel will contribute to a significant growth of our overall activities.”

MASER Engineering is an independent Dutch company, located in Enschede, The Netherlands, offering high-tech test and diagnostics support to all who are involved in micro-electronic engineering. MASER Engineering operates a wide range of advanced equipment for various engineering applications. The Physical Analysis group deals with material analysis, failure analysis and IC repair services. The Reliability Test group deals with electrical, environmental and mechanical testing of components, modules and systems. 

MICL consulting and logistics Ltd. supports worldwide companies that manufacture production machinery for the micro-electronics industry in Israel. Ever since the Israeli micro-electronics industry started to take off, in 1989, MICL have been there, supplying different levels of support for the various fields of activity. Today, the company is well acquainted with the leading organizations and players in the field, and assures a direct connection to them. 

MICL combines a profound familiarity and understanding of the local mentality, with a long and successful international experience. Thus, it creates an essential bridge between the different cultures, improving the connection and maximizing the profit, for all sides involved.

MICL gives great importance to keeping a warm and close relationship with its clients, and providing them with a full, attentive and responsible service. Furthermore, the company does not represent competing companies, and promises complete loyalty to the companies with which it does business.


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