New ETS shaker

27 November 2014

MASER Engineering is pleased to announce that we have purchased a new ETS Solutions mid-range shaker. The M124M-MPA403 has been tested this week and will be fully operational beginning of December 2014. The tester has been installed by J.J. Bos.

With this shaker, MASER Engineering can support a wider range of applications compared to the small shaker which is already operational for years.

M1 Series shakers are designed for the vibration testing of small-sized payloads such as electronic assemblies, home appliances, automotive components and other types of sub-assemblies.

  • Specimen payload up to 308 lb (140 kg)
  • Armature diameters: 9.5 in (240mm)
  • Servo controlled operation up to 2.0 in (51 mm) continuous displacement
  • Available as a Unibase slip table with GT type bearings. See Slip Table page for full details
  • Rugged trunnion design with air isolation with dual support bearing guidance
  • Usable frequency range from DC to 4000Hz

For more details of the shaker, see here.


For any further information please contact Mr. Wilhelm Niessen (Reliability Department Manager) or Mr. Mark Gortemaker (Sales Manager).