New Ocean Optics FLAME Spectrometer

09 July 2015

MASER Engineering B.V. is pleased to annouce that a new Ocean Optics FLAME Spectrometer has been purchased. Additional to the current MAS40 Mini Array Spectrometer MASER is able to cover a wider range of optical LED measurements ranging from 200 (IR) to 1100 (UV) nm offering besides the visual wavelength LED measurement capability to measure LEDs in the IR and UV spectrum.

Additional to reliability test, construction and failure analysis, testing of the main parameters of a LED is offered.

  • Peak Wavelength (nm)
  • Spectrum Half Width (nm)
  • Luminous Flux (Lm)
  • Optical Power, Radiant Power, Radiant flux (W)
  • Luminous Intensity (cd)
  • Radiant Intensity (W/Sr)
  • Power Supply (DC & pulsed)

Please find more detailed info about the LED test services here.

About the FLAME Spectrometer:

For any further information about our LED test services please contact Mr. Wilhelm Niessen (Reliability Test and Physical Analysis Department Manager) or Mr. Mark Gortemaker (Sales & Marketing Manager).