New Park NX10 AFM system operational

06 January 2015

MASER Engineering is pleased to announce that a Park NX10 Atomic Force Microscope (AFM) has been purchased.
AFM can be used in the advanced failure analysis of semiconductors additional to the already available EMMI/OBIRCH/LIT, FIB cross-sectioning and delayering tools.
With the system Conductive-AFM (C-AFM) measurements can be executed. One of the most common applications of C-AFM is electrical mapping.

The system will be operational end of February 2015.


Park NX10 features:

  • 2D Flexure-Guided Scanner with 100 µm x 100 µm Scan Range
  • Low Noise Position Sensors
  • Step-and-Scan Automation
  • Auto Engage by Slide-to-Connect SLD Head
  • Expansion Slot for Advanced SPM Modes and Options
  • High Speed 24-bit Digital Electronics
  • High Speed Z Scanner with 15 µm Scan Range
  • Motorized XY Sample Stage with Optional Encoders
  • Accessible Sample Holder
  • Direct On-Axis High Powered Optics with Integrated LED Illumination
  • Vertically Aligned Motorized Z Stage and Focus Stage

For further information please contact Mr. Wilhelm Niessen (Department Manager Physical Analysis and Reliability Test) or Mark Gortemaker (Sales Manager).