NMI IC Packaging Event

21 May 2013

The NMI organizes an IC Package Network event on “IC Packaging: Cost Effective Thermal Design” at the Institute for Manufacturing in Cambridge (UK), on June, Thursday 6th, 2013, from 09:00 to 16:00h. On this event, Mr. Ewald Reinders BSc EE, Senior Physical Analysis Engineer at MASER Engineering, will give a presentation entitled “(3D) Package analysis using Lock-In Thermography”.


The ever increasing complexity of IC packages, in order to meet the need for more functionality, raises the bar for failure analysis. These packages, sometimes containing multiple stacks of dies, can be an enormous challenge for root cause failure analysis.
MASER Engineering recently added a Lock-In Thermography tool (i.e. the DCG systems ELITE TDL 640 system) to her diagnostic services for thermal analysis. This tool is the first LIT system installation in an EMEA area ISP. The ELITE system has the capability to detect small heat sources (e.g. short circuits) within the package while it is still intact. This type of detection is even possible in stacks of multiple dies, as often seen in SSD memory applications. Another strong feature of the ELITE system is its thermal mapping ability, resulting in precise monitoring of temperature or temperature changes in and around a complex package without opening it, which allows precise verification of simulated temperature profiles within packages.
This presentation will introduce the background of the Lock-In Thermography applications and show some examples of recent case studies at MASER Engineering. 

DCG ELITE small.jpg

For more information on this presentation and the Lock-In Thermography test services at MASER Engineering, please contact Mr. Kees Revenberg or Mr. Ewald Reinders.


Overview of the Event

The drive for increased functionality and power handling at the IC level presentes new challenges for cost effective thermal management solutions at the Package level. This IC Package Network event will examine the various options available and key criteria to be considered in making the right choice.

More information on this NMI IC Package Network event can be found here.


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