NMI Q&R event: Managing the ever increasing risk of ESD damage

29 January 2013

The NMI organises the Q&R event on Managing the ever increasing risk of ESD damage on March 21st, 2013. Marcel Dekker of MASER Engineering will contribute with a presentation on New Standards for ESD testing of IC’s.

Managing the ever increasing risk of ESD damage

Understanding and managing the ever increasing risk of ESD (ElectroStatic Discharge) damage is a key factor in ensuring Electronic IC and System Quality and Reliability. As the scale of IC transistor gates shrink year on year, the sensitivity to ESD damage is increased.
This network event will provide delegates with an introduction to ESD Failure mechanisms and methods of protection from Chip to final Application including safe working practice in manufacture process. Industry experts will share case study learning from each of the key steps in Product Design, Development and Manufacture, including examples of ESD damage and root cause analysis.
Venue: 3M, Bracknell, UK
Date: Thursday, March 21st 2013
Time: 09:00 – 16:00

Abstract and title of MASER Engineering contribution
Title: New Standards for ESD testing of IC’s
Speaker: Marcel Dekker MSc EE, Sr. Reliability Engineer at MASER Engineering
Abstract: The semiconductor technology is continuing the roadmap of ever decreasing single transistor geometries and more complex functionality on a chip. This progress has drawbacks. One is the sensitivity to ESD phenomena and the difficulty to design and manufacture an efficient protection structure in these advanced manufacturing technologies. Another challenge is the increase of the amount of interconnection pins and power supply groups. This presentation is about the considerations during the joint ESDA and JEDEC standard development and the impact on IC testing. We will also demonstrate the latest developments in ESD test data handling. Finally, a case study will show an example of a device test and defect analysis procedure, as commonly executed at MASER Engineering.


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