Upgrade and expansion of ESD ThermoFisher MK2 testers

20 August 2013

MASER Engineering has upgraded and expanded the ESD and Latch-Up capacity including an upgrade with Scimitar software. One of the two available Thermoscientific MK2 systems of 128 channels is upgraded with 128 channels to 256 channels. The second Thermoscientific MK2 system has 512 channels.

With the upgrade the systems are compatable with the systems of our key customers giving a better service and more flexibility.

Scimitar software gives a lot of advantages:

  • Features Highlights
  • Provides an intuitive and consistent user interface for all tools
  • Provides a platform for new feature growth including data mining/analysis and plug-ins
  • Supports failure analysis on devices as well as tools
  • Supports tool-to-tool, device-to-device, run-to-run, and lot-to-lot comparison data
  • Report generation by default or custom using report generation tools
  • Integrated EvaluWave analysis tool, allowing waveform records to be stored with the actual test results
  • Standalone Viewer provided for off-site data and curve analysis

For any further information please contact Mr. Marcel Dekker (ESD technical expert), Mr. Wilhelm Niessen (Reliability Department Manager), or Mr. Mark Gortemaker (Sales Manager).

More info about Thermoscientific MK2 systems

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