PLOT Conference 2010

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At the PLOT Conference 2010 “Testing for Sustainability”, which was held on November 23rd, 2010, in Soesterberg, Mr. Kees Revenberg (Managing Director) of MASER Engineering presented a talk entitled:

Impact of GREEN materials on test and analysis of IC’s

The introduction of ‘Green’ materials in the semiconductor packaging industry has shown impact on the applicable test conditions for device qualification. Also the analysis has become more challenging due to change of materials for environmental and/or costs reason. This talk shows the new materials and their impact on test and analysis procedures. The impact on JEDEC procedures and new tools for preparation and analysis will be highlighted.

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The presentation is available and can be downloaded here (in pdf).
More information on the PLOT Conference 2012 “Testing for Sustainability” can be found here.

For more information on this presentation and the diagnostic test services at MASER Engineering, please contact Mr. Kees Revenberg.


About PLOT
To promote the development of testing products to get to field conditions as functioning as expected by the customer, the Environmental Technology platform (PLOT) is established in 1995. PLOT is an association that is connected to FHI, federation of technology branches and it currently has about forty members. MASER Engineering B.V. is a member of PLOT.

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