PLOT Reliability seminar 2013

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At the Reliability seminar, which was organized by the environmental technology platform PLOT on the Electronics & Automation exhibition in Utrecht on May 30th, 2013, Mr. Kees Revenberg (Managing Director) of MASER Engineering presented a talk entitled:

Reliability Test plan development for electronic components


This presentation gives insight in the development of a Reliability Test plan for new electronic components. To start with, a program of requirements is defined from the application, which is then mixed with a FMEA, common practice and RMA experiences. Preferably, standardized test methods are applied to guarantee inter laboratory exchange. To illustrate the test plan development, a few case studies from MASER Engineering’s Reliability Test projects will be presented as well.

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The presentation is available and can be downloaded here.
More information on the PLOT Reliability seminar and the Electronics & Automation exhibition 2013 can be found here.

For more information on this presentation and the Reliability Test plan development services at MASER Engineering, please contact Mr. Kees Revenberg.

About PLOT

To promote the development of testing products to get to field conditions as functioning as expected by the customer, the Environmental Technology platform (PLOT) is established in 1995. PLOT is an association that is connected to FHI, federation of technology branches and it currently has about forty members. MASER Engineering B.V. is a member of PLOT.

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