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In the March-April 2015 edition of the Chip Scale Review magazine, a joint paper between Silex Microsystems and MASER Engineering was published entitled "Characterization of RF TSVs for 3D MEMS WLP". The contribution of MASER Engineering to this paper was provided by Mr. Peter de Veen (R&D Manager).

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Characterization of RF TSVs for 3D MEMS WLP

Jessica Liljeholm [1], Peter Ågren [1], Niklas Svedin [1], Thorbjörn Ebefors [1] and Peter J. de Veen [2].

  1. Silex Microsystems AB, Bruttovägen 1, SE-175 26 Järfälla/Stockholm, Sweden
  2. MASER Engineering B.V., Capitool 56, 7521 PL, Enschede, the Netherlands

In this work, a successful manufacturing method for partially-filled metalized TSVs has been described. Excellent RF performance for TSV wafer-level integrated devices has been demonstrated and experimentally validated. The TSV RF characterization using coplanar transmissions lines showed high performance, with very low losses -less than -0.04 dB per coplanar TSV at 5 GHz.
In addition, an RF IPD 3D-inductor design was manufactured by using the RF TSVs as wafer through-connections, demonstrating a well-working application of the TSVs. The electrical properties obtained made them suitable for use in multi-band adaptive tuner matching networks for mobile technology. A decrease of the Q-factor was observed for higher temperatures; however, additional measurements concluded that the temperature effect was reversible.
The failure analysis investigation showed that nondestructive X-ray inspection is a simple screening method to quickly identify a significant defective TSV, which can then be further inspected using other (destructive) imaging techniques (e.g., cross-sectioning).

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The work has been executed within the EU consortium EPAMO (link, link).

The entire paper can be found in the Chip Scale Review, March-April 2015 edition (19-2), on pages 14 to 22 (read online or download pdf). More information on the Chip Scale Review magazine can be found here.

For more information on this paper, you can contact Mr. Peter de Veen. For information on the reliability test and diagnostic services for 3D MEMS applications at MASER Engineering in general, please contact Mr. Kees Revenberg or Mr. Mark Gortemaker.


Ref.: Chip Scale Review 19-2 (2015) 14-22