EOS/ESD 2012 paper

At the EOS/ESD 2012, a joint paper with contribution from Mr. Marcel Dekker (Senior Reliability Test Engineer) of MASER Engineering was presented by Mr. Alan Righter. The EOS/ESD 2012, the 34th IEEE Electrical Overstress / Electrical Discharge symposium organized by the Electrostatic Discharge Association (ESDA), took place in Tuscon (Arizona, USA) on September 9th to 14th, 2012.

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Progress towards a Joint ESDA/JEDEC CDM Standard: Methods, Experiments, and Results

Alan Righter [1]; Terry Welsher [2]; Marti Farris [3]; Tim Maloney [3]; Marty Johnson [4]; Scott Ward [4]; Marcel Dekker [5]; Robert Ashton [6]; Leo G. Henry [7]; Tom Meuse [8]; Jon Barth [9]; Theo Smedes [10] and Paul Ngan [10].

  1. Analog Devices
  2. Dangelmayer Associates
  3. Intel Corporation
  4. Texas Instruments
  5. MASER Engineering
  6. ONSemiconductor
  7. ESD/TLP Consultants
  8. Thermo Fisher Scientific
  9. Barth Electronics
  10. NXP Semiconductors 


Progress toward a joint ESDA/JEDEC CDM standard is described. A “10 ohm CDM” test head experiment to JEDEC standard testing is discussed. A second experiment (field plate dielectric thickness variation / ESDA test head) is described. Oscilloscope bandwidth / filtering, test head response, attenuators, and module effects are discussed.

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The entire paper can be found in the EOS/ESD 2012 symposium proceedings (link). More information on the EOS/ESD Symposium can be found here.

For more information on this paper and the ESD and Latch-Up test services at MASER Engineering, please contact Mr. Kees Revenberg or Mr. Marcel Dekker.