IWLPC 2014 paper

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At the IWLPC 2014 conference, a joint paper between Silex Microsystems and MASER Engineering was presented by Mr. Peter Ågren. The contribution of MASER Engineering to this paper was provided by Mr. Peter de Veen (Physical Analysis Department Manager / R&D Manager). The IWLPC 2014, the 11th annual International Wafer-Level Packaging Conference, took place in San Jose (CA, USA), on November 11th to 13th, 2014.

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3D MEMS Wafer Level Packaging Exemplified by RF Characterized TSVs & TGVs and Integration of Bonding Processes

Jessica Liljeholm [1]; Peter Ågren [1]; Niklas Svedin [1]; Zargham Baghchehsaraei [1]; Peter J. de Veen [2] and Thorbjörn Ebefors [1].

  1. Silex Microsystems AB, Bruttovägen 1, SE-175 26 Järfälla/Stockholm, Sweden
  2. MASER Engineering B.V., Capitool 56, 7521 PL, Enschede, the Netherlands


This paper presents successful manufacturing of metalized Through Silicon Vias (TSVs) and Through Glass Vias (TGVs) for RF applications. RF characterization showed low insertion losses for both TSVs and TGVs, with less than -0.04 dB per coplanar TSV at 5 GHz frequency and around -0.006 dB at 5 GHz for the TGVs. Electrical DC resistance measurement was conducted on 644 TSVs, divided on four different wafers and showed a via resistance of 20.4 mOhm. The overall TSV yield is in the high 90% range. An extensive reliability and failure analysis was conducted, focusing on understanding the failing TSVs to further improve the yield. X-ray inspection was used in order to quickly screen and identify the few defective TSVs. Also, a description of the via integration capabilities provided by Silex Microsystems is presented, including a discussion about the cost of ownership.

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Keywords: MEMS Manufacturing, Interposer, RF TSV, Through Glass Vias, Wafer Level Packaging/Bonding, RF IPD inductors, 3D Integration, TSV Reliability and Failure Analysis.

The work has been executed within the EU consortiums EPAMO (link, link) and PROMINENT (link).

The entire paper can be found in the IWLPC 2014 conference proceedings (here). More information on the IWLPC 2014 can be found here.


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The presentation is also available and can be downloaded here (in pdf).


For more information on this paper, you can contact Mr. Peter de Veen. For information on the reliability test and diagnostic services for 3D MEMS applications at MASER Engineering in general, please contact Mr. Kees Revenberg or Mr. Mark Gortemaker.