Non Destructive Analysis

  • Low & High Power Optical Microscopy
  • 2D+OVHM X-ray microscopy
  • 3D X-ray tomography
  • Scanning Acoustic Microscopy
  • Lock-In Thermography
  • Curve tracing

MASER Engineering has the latest tools available for non-destructive microscopy on electronic components and modules.

Several Optical Microscopes are available to cover a magnification range from 0.1 times up to 1000 times. All microscopes are equiped with high resolution digitale cameras.

The submicron resolution of a submicron focus X-ray tube and digital image detection offers in 2D and Oblique View with High Magnification imaging mode high resolution X-ray images. A 3D image of the sample can be reconstructed from multiple image recordings during a 360° rotation of the sample. Virtual any cross section can be viewed at an offline workstation. This mode is a strong tool for multi-material components.

A complementary non-destructive imaging technique is Scanning Acoustic Microscopy (SAM). High Frequency acoustic pulses are transmitted through water as a coupling medium into the sample. The reflected acoustic wave is amplified and digitized.

This technique is very sensitive for small changes in the acoustic impedance of the penetrating material. Delaminating stacked layers results in phase shifting of the reflected wave. This effect can be imaged in a high resolution X-Y area scan. Delaminated layers are a major reliability hazard for IC’s during the soldering process. This failure mode cannot be demonstrated with X-ray microscopy.


Download here the Non Destructive Analysis service leaflet.