Patent Infringement research support

  • W-SEM/EDX + Low Vacuum mode
  • Calibration material manufacturing
  • Dual Beam FEG-SEM/FIB/EDX
  • Single Beam FIB

Several customers of MASER Engineering own patents on products or manufacturing techniques. To demonstrate an infringement of these patents, their lawyers need solid evidence of that violation. Often, these patent files are describing in physical properties of materials, components or manufacturing techniques.

MASER Engineering is offering the extensive physical analysis of the material, including the manufacturing of reference and calibration material.

For some techniques, our engineers cooperate with local (scientific) laboratories in order to get a solid case for our customers. The same know how and tools are used for reverse engineering in case of patents in electronic circuits.

Precise layer-by-layer analysis and schematic extraction can give valuable information to our customers.