SEM/FIB microscopy

  • W-SEM/EDX + Low Vacuum mode
  • High resolution / Low voltage FEG-SEM/EDX
  • Low vacuum FEG-SEM/EDX
  • Dual Beam FEG-SEM/FIB/EDX
  • Single Beam FIB

Together with optical microscopy, electron beam microscopy is a main tool for imaging and analysis of electronic components and materials.

Where the optical microscopy is limited by the visible light wavelength to approximately 1x to 1.000x, electron microscopy is used to image materials in the range of 10x to 1.000.000x.

The depth of field in SEM images is better than optical low power microscopy. Bond wire loops can be inspected by SEM far better than with optical microscopy.

Dual Beam systems, the combination of ion- and electron beam columns in one system, allow MASER Engineering to record images while slicing a defect feature site. The images can even be combined in a 3D reconstruction program.

The electron beam systems are using several material sensitive detectors for analysis. EDX and back-scatter detectors give additional information about the imaged material properties. Ion beam systems show automatically a good surface structure due to the limited penetration of the ion beam into the material.