(S)TEM/EDX microscopy

  • 200kV FEG-STEM
  • STEM HAADF mode, 180 pm resolution
  • HR-TEM mode, 160 pm resolution
  • Bright Field and Annular Dark Field mode
  • EDAX r-TEM high performance EDX detector
  • High resolution 4Mpixel CCD cameras

The ultimate magnification of materials can be achieved with Transmission Electron Microscopes.

Both in static and scanning mode atomic size resolutions can be imaged.

The disadvantage of TEM is the requirement of very thin samples. The electron beam has to transmit the sample so they need to be thinner than 100nm.

The electronic industry was interested to use the high resolution capabilities of TEM systems but was facing a sample preparation problem. This was solved by using a Focused Ion Beam system for site specific thin TEM sample lamella lift-out.

MASER Engineering has developed the tools and skills to extract sub 100nm samples out of an IC surface. The sample is mounted on a TEM grid and thinned down to 60nm in the clean vacuum environment inside the FIB system.


Download here the TEM service leaflet.