(S)TEM sample preparation

  • Wet chemical jet etching
  • Laser ablation system
  • Sawing/Grinding/Polishing
  • Dual wavelength laser cutting
  • Dual Argon Ion Beam milling
  • TEM sample preparation by DB-FIB

Electronic components are getting assembled in more complex packages. Not only stacked dies, but also combinations of chips, passives and MEMS structures makes the opening of these packages less straightforward.

New tools are available now for local plastic removal by laser ablation, contactless ion beam milling of brittle materials like low-K isolation layers and new high-K gate oxide layers.

The new low voltage dual beam FIB/SEM system is equipped with an Omniprobe sample lift-out tool for TEM sample preparation.

MASER Engineering has demonstrated amorphous layers less than 3nm at 60nm thin TEM samples.


Download here the TEM service leaflet