All new products should meet the lifetime expectations of their users. System manufactures have to explore the expected application environment and fit their product to show good quality and reliability behaviour. We support our customers with reliability assessment programs, accelerated life tests, module/system design validation programs and enclosure IP classification tests.

The product range consists of electro-mechanical and passive components, active and optical semiconductors, standard and memory IC’s and application specific VLSI circuits.

Integrated Circuits and Semiconductor devices require a specific set of quality and reliability test procedures. MASER Engineering has a lot of experience and is fully equipped to handle JEDEC / IEC / ISO / AEC-Q100 standard test procedures. These procedures are offered on a full capability base, including the logistics for device ATE read points and external test result data processing and reporting.

Among the reliability test capabilities, MASER Engineering has a well equipped test laboratory for ESD and Latch-Up testing of integrated devices. All known models like Human Body Model, Machine Model (MM) and Charged Device Model (CDM) are available using automated systems.

For electronic module and system testing we offer dedicated mechanical shock test for handheld systems and a sophisticated system design evaluation tool. Our HALT and HASS systems find weak spots in the reliability of your new product design and your manufacturing process monitoring system.


You can download here your digital copy of our Test Service Leaflets.