Board Level Reliability service

  • BLR Drop
  • BLR Temperature Cycling
  • BLR Bending (Static and Dynamic)
  • BLR Vibration


Board Level Reliability (BLR) tests are intended for characterisation of solder joints for package concepts.

For the drop, bending, TC and vibration test daisy chain devices are used in test with glitch/event detection. A weibull plot is used for reporting the results.

Characterisation of package solder-joint reliability:

  • Daisy chain devices used for test
  • Glitch/event detection and monitoring
  • Weibull plots
  • In-house board design capabilities
  • Thermal cycling (JEDEC)
  • Drop test (JEDEC)
  • Dynamic board bending (JEDEC)
  • Static (monotonic) board bending
  • Vibration test


Download here the Board Level Reliability test service leaflet