Electrical Test Service

  • Passive component test
  • Precision DC parametric test
  • IV curve testing using MK2
  • Relay parametric test
  • Parametric and functional test on IC’s at various ATE test locations

Customers of MASER Engineering are active in a wide range of electronic device applications. MASER Engineering has a wide range of electrical test equipment and knowhow available to support many engineering applications.

Supplier qualification programs on passive components (resistors / capacitors / inductors / filters / crystals), electro-mechanical devices (relays / connectors / switches) and active semiconductor devices (diodes / transistors / smart power / RF) can be executed including the electrical tests.

In some IC test applications, MASER Engineering is using the ATE test sites of the customers supply chain to avoid additional test program development costs. We have local access to other main frame ATE such as Teradyne Flex and Teradyne J750.

Static failure analysis is performed using an application board, probing or supplying dedicated signals using the EMMI/OBIRCH/LIT analysis tools.
When a device fails during Latch-Up or in a dynamic mode MASER offers tools to perform semi dynamic failure localisation.


Download here the Dynamic Failure Analysis service leaflet