Environmental Test Service

  • Moisture Sensitivity Level Assessment (MSLA) tests
  • High/Low temperature storage
  • Thermal Shock tests
  • Slow/Fast Temperature Cycling tests (TC/PTC)
  • Board Level Reliability
  • Salt Mist and Corrosive Atmosphere tests
  • IP classification tests

MASER Engineering is experienced in and equipped for nearly all electronic qualification procedures according to international standards and many customer-based procedures. The wide range of environmental tests is used in wafer-level, component, module and system reliability test and qualification procedures.

Acceleration of failure mechanisms and simulation of harsh life environments are the main goal of the applied environmental tests.

The necessary hardware to execute a real accelerated life test is developed and manufactured by and under supervision of our staff members.

A dedicated real time monitoring system for our environmental test systems assures that your samples are subjected to the right environmental conditions during the tests.

Over the years our reliability technicians & engineers have gained a lot of experience with environmental testing and direct engineering to engineering contacts enable a smooth process flow.



  • here the Burn-In, HTOL and ELFR test service leaflet
  • here the Temperature & Humidity test service leaflet
  • here the Temperature Cycling test service leaflet
  • here the Hermetic Package test service leaflet
  • here the High Temperature test service leaflet
  • here the Board Level Reliability test service leaflet
  • here the LED test service leaflet
  • here the HALT test service leaflet
  • here the System Level Reliability test service leaflet
  • here the Enclosure test (IP) service leaflet