HALT/HASS Test Service

  • Omni-axial random vibration
  • Fast thermal cycling in single chamber setup
  • Stress screening development

HALT, Highly Accelerated Life Test is a system design validation tool for maximum robustness verification. In a step stress approach a system under functional test and operational conditions is check for functional and destruct limits.

The applied stresses are steady state hot/cold and fast cycling temperatures in the range of -100°C to +200°C. Together with 3-axis random vibration stress up to 60grms the HALT brings most electronic systems to their limits.

The knowhow of the failure mode is invaluable feedback for positive design or material changes with a demonstrated improvement in product yield.

HASS, Highly Accelerated Stress Screening is a sub set of HALT on lower stress levels meant for product screening.


Download here the HALT test service leaflet