Optical LED Test Service

  • Peak Wavelength (nm)
  • Spectrum Half Width (nm)
  • Luminous Flux (Lm)
  • Optical Power, Radiant Power, Radiant flux (W)
  • Luminous Intensity (cd)
  • Radiant Intensity (W/Sr)
  • Power Supply (DC & pulsed)

LEDs are being used more and more in industrial and automotive applications. MASER Engineering can perform a full spectrum of tests to measure the LED performance. LED parameter characterisation, construction analysis, reliability and failure analysis are performed for UV, visible and IR LEDs.

MASER Engineering operates 2 systems for measurements:

  • Ocean Optics USB4000 Spectrometer (200 – 1100 nm)
  • Instrument Systems MAS40 Mini-Array Spectrometer (390 – 950 nm)

The systems have an Integrating sphere for spectral output measurement. The following wavelenght can be measured:

  • Ultraviolet : 230 - 380nm
  • Visible : 380 - 700nm
  • Infrared : 700 - 1100nm (1650nm)


Download here the LED test service leaflet .