Qualification Test Service

  • Extensive Lab with wide range of equipment available
  • Qualification on component level and on system level
  • All major industry standards are covered
  • Customer specific tests are possible

 Prior to the start of full production of electronic components and systems, they have to demonstrate proper reliability on all aspects. This is also valid for the production process itself.

Extensive product qualification procedures are included in the total product design and manufacturing cycle. Parts of the component qualification test procedures are also used for supplier qualification.

MASER Engineering is experienced in and equipped for nearly all electronic qualification procedures according to international standards and many customer-based procedures.

Our wide range of equipment for electrical, environmental and mechanical tests makes a flexible adaptation possible.

The test procedures consist of a range of individual and application defined test methods. Most common are defined by JEDEC, IEC60068-2-x, ISO, MIL, DIN or JIS. Dedicated procedures for automotive applications are defined by the Automotive Electronic Counsel AEC Q100.

Another specific area of qualification tests are space flight unit parts. Due to the harsh environment in outer space and the hi-rel requirements, special tests are defined for product qualification for this application area.

The qualification of electronic modules and systems is only limited to the size of our test chambers. MASER Engineering will evaluate on project base what qualification procedure can be offered.



  • here the JEDEC qualification test service leaflet
  • here the AEC-Q100 qualification test service leaflet